Blog – Day 4

Yes, today is already Day 4!  Let me tell you about last night’s gathering. It was the ultimate family reunion.  3 Day Camp American and Polish counselors came together for nourishment, song and fellowship.  Yes, there was tears of joy, lots of praise and heartfelt sharing of memories. Oh the honor it is to be a part of God’s amazing plan.  (I can hear someone hummimg, “Our God is a great big God”)

It is such a special bond when friendships begin with Jesus.  I look at everyone as they interact with the children with love in their eyes.  That is Jesus shining through them!

We are praying for Donn and Maggie Herrings safe travels home and will continue to lift them up.

The cooks are working tirelessly.  We are all so grateful for the extra love they bring to day camp.

What is my joy?

HE knows me by name.

Love always,