Day Camp has been a blast this week! From the songs and skits with Super Adventureman  (wonder who that is???) to the lessons in the classrooms and lunch afterwards, it seems like the week has flown by. Although it is fast paced, I have had a chance to really think about what the theme is this week. Not the superhero theme or the English topic lesson theme but how God has used everyone during Day Camp. If I had to extract one word to describe what has been going on in Jastrzębie, it would be love. Love the kids share with their counselors and each other through language games, sports, and talking to us and giving it their best shot with the little English they have. Love the Polish counselors show when having the patience to translate every single word we want to communicate to the kids and preparing for our arrival many months in advance. Love the cooks share when working tirelessly to prepare the food, serve it, clean up, prepare food for the next day, and making sure the kids and all the counselors stay happy. Love the American counselors show by preparing for lessons and giving the kids all the energy they could draw out. Love the leaders and others that help make day camp possible by dedicating all their time and efforts to make day camp a success. We do not get the credit for this love but it is Jesus who supplies it and makes it overflow into the kids, counselors, cooks, and leaders. Thank you for your prayers and watch for tomorrow’s blog! Czesc!

- Aidan