American team 2017

American Team 2017

Back Row: Emma Huss, Carley Cline, Philip Thaemert, Heather McCarty, Hailey McCarty, Joanne Worobec, Emily Bennett, Toni Bennett, Olivia Herring, Mark Lurtz, Aidan Lurtz;

Front Row: Linda Schroeder, Sophia Bittner, Rebekah Floyd, Kathy Tormala, Beth Thaemert, Bailey Robischeau, Vivian Worobec.

American team 2016

American Team 2016

First Row: Maria Gonzalez, Mary Hager, Katie Kramer, Sophie Bittner, Linda Schroeder;

Second Row: Beth Schult, Toni Bennett, Allison Shult, Emily Bennett;

Third Row: Teresa Toarmina, Nick Bennett, Carley Cline, Olivia Herring;

Fourth Row: Nathan Shult, Maggie Herring, Jim Hager.

American team 2015

American Team 2015

First Row: Carley Cline, Gwyneth Worobec, Emily Bennett, Audra Schindehette, Mary Hager;

Second Row: Toni Bennett, Alice Peterson, Linda Schroeder, Theresa Schindehette, Beth Schult;

Third Row: Nick Bennett, Mason Vieth, Jim Hager, Julie Stroder;

Fourth Row: Matt Worobec, Nathan Shult, Jim Vieth, Brandon Stroder.

American team 2014

American Team 2014

Front Row: Olivia Herring, Kara Borgmann, Kate Schlie, Kennedy Hennessy, Jodie Borgmann, Meredith Leigh and Taylor Michel;

Middle Row: Dawn Hennessy, Mary Schlie and Renee Borgmann;

Back Row: Scott Leigh, Susan Michel, LeaAnn Herring and Donn Herring.

American team 2013

American Team 2013

Front row: Madeline Schult, Allison Schult, Dawn Hennessy, Ieva Hermanas, Kathy Tormala, Linda Schroeder, Kim Lambert;

Back row: Beth Schult, Hank (Harrison) Hennessy, Christian Hermanas, Jesse Gaunt, Dan Lambert;

American team 2012

American Team 2012

Front row: Sarah Hempleman, Hannah Lang, Allison Schult, Maddie Schult, Jen Lewis, Kathy Tormala, Kaki Lang, Dawn Hennessy;

Back row: Myron Schumacher, Harrison Hennessy, Melanie Hempleman, Beth Schult, Zach Lewis, Gary Schumacher, Jesse Gaunt;

American Team 2011

American team 2011

Front row: Sarah Rivera, Karen Rivera, Mary Schlie, Shelby Schlie, Allison Shult, Emma Schulte;

Back row: Beth Schult, Bob Sayre, Linda Melton Schroeder, Chuck Schulte, Jason Crowder, Caitlin Crowder, Jesse Gaunt;


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