It has been said before, but I will say it again…it is hard to describe the experience of Day Camp in Poland! From the long trip here to the inevitable trip home, we are on the go, but every minute is filled with love! Today is a special day as we have been here for only one week, but the change is visible. We have been transformed from a group of 14 Americans on a different continent, some for repeat trips and some for the first time (both feeling a little apprehensive about the week to come), to a tight knit team with new life-long friends in Poland.

From the first Sunday sitting quietly in church to today when we joined the children for the last time singing praises to God in front of the congregation. From the excitement as our plane landed in Krakow to the tearful goodbyes. Seeing God’s hand present in the planning, the English lessons, the sports, the crafts, the hearts of the counselors, and most especially in praise and worship has been amazing! I feel blessed to have experienced Day Camp as a teacher, but especially blessed to experience it as a parent. There is nothing like seeing God work in and through the heart of your child as they share their love of Jesus with others!

I will say goodbye to my polish friends for now, but not forever! Day Camp is AWESOME!!