Interview with kids

We had a little survey among our participants this year. Check out what are their favorite songs, dishes and counselors!

1. How do you feel at Day Camp this year?
- Very well because there are great games, nice Americans and delicious lunches – Ola, group 4.
-Awesome? In general I like the attractions at Day Camp and the contact with American accent. I also like the fact that people are nice ad because of this I am here for the third time. – Karolina, group 7.
2. What did you like the most so far?
- English lessons and making bags on crafts. – Martyna, Group 3.
- I liked making T-shirts on crafts. But I slow like the fact that the Americans try to make a connection although our English isn’t perfect. – Paulina, Group 7.
3. What was your favorite dish?
- Broth (soup) – Tomek, Group 4.
- Sweet dumplings were tasty. – Kuba, Group 2.
4. Who is your favorite counselor from the US?
- Taylor, because she is nice and I manage to communicate with her. – Tomek, Group 5.
- Dawn and Kennedy, as they are nice and they are in my group. – Ola Group 1.
5. Who is your favorite Polish counselor?
- Edyta, because I like the way she teaches us the verses. – Tobiasz, Group 6.
Żaba and Edyta… just because. – Asia, Group 1.
6. What is your favorite part of the day?
-Sports because we move a lot and we can get crazy! – Adrian, Group 6
- Crafts because it’s the most interesting point of the day. – Jagoda, Group 7.
7. What is your favorite song?
-”You’re powerful” because it’s funny and the lyrics are nice.
-”Mr Postman” because the motions are great! – Agata and Edyta, Group 1.
8. Will you attend Day Camp next year?
- Yes, because it’s great and lunches are delicious! – Kuba, Group 6.
- Yes, because I like it! – Mateusz, Group 1.
9. What did you learn at Day Camp?
- How to make various crafts and new words in English for example “fins”.
- I learned many words in English and many other interesting things during crafts. – Viktoria, Group 2.
10. What are you thankful for?
- For bringing the American team here, safe and sound, and that we can play with them and learn their customs. – Wiktora, Group 4.
- For giving us such wonderful days, for a chance to meet each other. – Michał, Group 1 and Kuba, Group 2.