We sang a song today that says „All around the world, something’s going on about Jesus love, it’s amazing!” I feel like that song describes this trip the most! It’s truly amazing to get the privilege to share God’s Word to kids that we usually wouldn’t even talk to. All around the world people are learning about Jesus and it’s so great to see God working through all the counselors, Polish and American. All the counselors connect really well, despite the language barrier, we laugh together and we just always have a great time, even when we can’t understand them! I’m very impressed with how well the counselors and the kids speak English! If I was their age, there’s no way I could speak another language as well as them!

After the second day of Day Camp I have discovered how hard it is to teach! It’s even harder to teach kids who give you a blank stare when you say too long of words. I have definitely learned how little a language barrier matters when talking about Jesus. They all knew Jesus before even walking into camp. They knew His story, who He is and what He did for us! Sometimes they even get happier than us while singing the songs! They’re so happy that they get to learn English and about God all in one week! They don’t care if we smell bad from the lack of A.C. or if our hair is a complete disaster, they’re just happy to have us there to teach them! In conclusion, I’m having the time of my life and I’m glad I’m doing it all for God!