“I can’t believe today is the last day already. The time has flown by…unfortunately. I have a pit in my stomach when I think about leaving these wonderful people. I can’t explain the fire that has been lit inside me because of each individual that is here. They have inspired and filled me with energy […]

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“Today was the first day in which the kids truly opened up, and began interacting much more. Whether English games, soccer games, or singing Praises to God all the kids engaged themselves wholeheartedly. Yesterday most kids were quiet, but today the smiles and giggles were unavoidable. All the team members can’t help but notice God’s […]

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“What an honor it is to serve alongside ALL the counselors here in Jastrzebie-Zdroj! It is thrilling to be woven together in Christ to do HIS will and share HIS love. Today was opening day…and it was beautiful! It was truly FULL of HIS amazing creation….God our Father-Creator of Heaven and Earth. We are studying […]

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“Today we were woken up by a beautiful sun thought the weather forecast didn’t suggest it. It was just one of the signs from God who gave us a simple message: go out there, work together and let your light shine! So we did. After a delicious breakfast we were ready to participate in a […]

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They are here


The US team is already in Jastrzębie-Zdrój, all safe and sound. The only thing they need right now is to get a good sleep. Thanks for all the prayers. Tomorrow we start with a morning service at 9.30 and we are going to have a chilled out day with some preparations, singing and a concert […]

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