Wednesday at Day Camp

Half of day three completed. We’re almost halfway done with Day Camp. The only thing that’s improving more than the English is the friendships, and that’s where I think speaking really gets better. My kids in group six (I call them kids but some of them are the same age as me) are showing so much more energy compared to day one. I love making those connection with people, no matter what language they speak. Even if it’s as simple as high fiving someone you don’t know, or playing games during breaks.

Today, the main topic was community, so after singing and worship, Martyna rocking out and one hilarious skit, we gather in our make shift classroom. We discussed maps and jobs and a game of charades. And man these kids love candy! Laffy Taffy, Skittles, Jolly Rancher, and Reeses. Especially Reeses! But I can’t blame them; I could devour a whole bag of them! Speaking of eating, a big big thank you to the kitchen ladies. My group is in the corridor right by the kitchen, and there is not a moment of rest by those hard working gals! I truly enjoy trying all the new foods and favors that we usually don’t have in America. Also, I had to ask around if people always eat so much in Poland. It feels like we eat 20 a day with meals, snacks, coffee breaks, all of it. How is everyone here so skinny?

All in all, I have had an amazing experience at camp so far, and can’t wait for tomorrow! Time for sports!

Meredith Leigh