Day Five

It’s Friday, already!! We have had ANOTHER beautiful day at Camp- Jesus Church!

Jesse had a great object lesson in worship this morning. When “sweets-candies” were metioned, the children quickly FOLLOWED Jesse around the church because they TRUSTED him to find that “treasure”. God has more “treasures” in store for us than we can possibly imagine !

OO-Rah! WAH! and Ninja are becoming camp game favorites!

English lessons with related fun activites and games take up our morning, and rehearsing songs for Sunday worship rounded out our day.

Right now we are truly “rockin and rollin” with Poland with special music trivia…and yes the Grapefruits won over the Lemons…We won’t discuss the score. Counselors are having fun in their own activities at night!

No weight loss –wonderful, dedicated, good cooks.

May God keep all of you at Jesus Church, Jestrzebie, Poland, and Messiah Weldon Spring, MO and Trinity Orchard Farm, MO in HIS care.

Kathy Tormala