Team USA!


Team USA has already been confirmed and we have the pleasure to announce that this year there will be 18 Americans coming to Poland for Day Camp 2015! See the photo, from left to right: Nathan Schult, Linda Schroeder, Beth Schult, Jim and Mason Vieth, Jim Hager, Gwyneth and Matt Worobec, Carley Cline, Toni Bennett, […]

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Pictures of the teams


American team 2013 Back row, left to right: Ieva Hermanas, Linda Schroeder, Beth Schult, Kim Lambert, Kathy Tormala; First row, left to right: Dan Lambert, Christian Hermanas, Dawn Hennessy, Madeline Schult, Hank (Harrison) Hennessy; Absent: Allison Schult, Jesse Gaunt; Polish team 2013 Back row, left to right: Jadwiga Rucka, Janek Kotas, Krzysztof Chmiel, Paweł Kotas, […]

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